Where Are My Affiliate Links And What Do They Do?

You can find your affiliate links by heading to https://www.buildyourempireuniversity.com/partner

You will see step by step videos showing you how to create your personal affiliate account to fully track all of your sales and to enter your PayPal details so that you can receive payments.

Please watch them one by one, and carry out the instructions as per the videos. (don't skip ahead).

Once you have created your affiliate account at Pay Kickstart. Please request access to promote Build Your Empire University by clicking one of the buttons under step 2 on the affiliate partner page. It will look similar to the image

Each button is a request for a different link to promote BYEU. If your audience resonates with the construction industry and you want a tailored funnel for that audience you would request access to promote the 'Construction Funnel'.

If you have your own method of bringing members to BYEU and just simply need a trackable order form, you can request access to the 'Basic Order Form'

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